An office is a place of professionalism and hence requires an atmosphere of concentration and dedication. Keeping these factors in mind , offices are constructed with a very formal outlook in mind. Everything is done with precision and there is no unnecessary scope for distraction.

Our team Keeps in mind the need of the of the office depending on the profession. We do our best to give the customer/business exactly what it need and more.

Many of our projects include creating space efficient cubicles and offices for maximum output and to make a comfortable and profitable office.

We also create “modern” styled offices that are more creatively designed and that are keeping up with the times. We have designed offices that have no door for the senior officers, where all officers are given equal amount of space regardless to their job position.

We also create specialized rooms or Rec rooms for offices , for example:

  • Auditorium- For large offices, an auditorium might be essential in order to hold a large number of employees during office wide meeting. We have created auditoriums that could fit over 400 employees.
  • Game room – A room with a Pool/ Billiards table, dart board, classical arcade games, A side corner bar and High quality wooden flooring.

There are certain key requirements that are need in an office, such as:

  • fire exit signage
  • An adequate access control system, such as swipe cards or keys.
  • Kitchen facilities.
  • Adequate toilet facilities, including a disabled access toilet, depending on the number of staff who will work in the office.
  • A temperature control system, for example heating and air conditioning units.
  • A reception area, if required for visitors.

We provide all of these key requirements in the offices we create.


Office project interior designer


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